We Know What it Takes to Sell Your Property

I keep hearing about the "slow market" but really I think the problem is with "slow agents" and sellers that don't use the best strategy to get the highest price for their home. Most agents have an approach to listing a home where they place it on the market, post it on their website and put a sign out front, then slowly ramp up the marketing on an "as needed" basis. They expect the house will take months to sell, so they plan and act accordingly.

I have a different approach. I work with the seller to get the house into the best condition possible, price the home correctly and then create a marketing blitz to drive traffic through the home. The single best strategy for getting the highest possible price for your home is to create a marketing scenario where the buyers believe your house is a steal, create a sense of urgency with the buyers and create a multiple bid situation. If you have more than 2-3 buyers bidding on your property, they will make their highest and best offers, not some low ball offer.

Every seller wants to get the highest price for their home, and so do I. Most sellers think that the best way to do that is to price their home a little on the high side and be ready to accept a lower offer. The problem with this is that they get less traffic through their home, which means the property sits on the market longer, which always equates to low ball offers. The single best strategy for getting the highest price for your home is to create excitement within the buyer pool where they compete to get your home.

I specialize in creating competitive bidding situations for homes and selling them for the highest possible price. But, I can only do this for sellers that trust my experience about setting the list price for the home. If you only want to put your home on the market and let it sit for months, please call any other agent. If you actually want to sell your home for the highest possible price, then contact me at or email kim@elsalvadorfineproperties.com.